The Biography of Gus Elen
And the Forgotten Songs CD

The Book’s Contents



Chapter One  The family – Houses and streets – The music hall beckons – Development of the music hall – The Royal Aquarium – A ‘real’ job.

Chapter Two The Opera Comique – Singing for his supper – Aldershot barracks – Margate and the minstrels – The death of a friend.

Chapter Three  A new leaf – On the halls – The Swansea impasse – Landladies and digs – The malevolent music hall manager – First provincial tour –                              Early songs – Agents – A career boost from Sam Redfern – Nerves – The music hall improves its image – In Dan Leno’s boots – 
                         Gus meets Marie – Richard Thornton – Seats at the Jubilee procession.

Chapter Four  Getting praised – Getting married – First published song – Fun with the gun – Gus and Myrtle in panto – Everything written down –
A lucky escape – The marriage ends.

Chapter Five  Songs and life converge – A reputation for meanness – Hugh J. Didcott – Albert Chevalier meets the music hall –
Costers, Cockneys and the East End – Gus and 
The Donah.

Chapter Six  Finding love in Liverpool – What does mum think? – Sandow, ‘King of all Strongmen’ – Wot Cher! Albert – Gus and Edith on tour –
Alec Hurley – The Dials.

Chapter Seven  A shooting challenge – As husband and wife – Katie Lawrence – There ain’t a coster like it to be found – ‘Wery’ odd –
The move to music hall land – A big hit.

Chapter Eight  Suicide mania – Eros unveiled – A bicycle made for two – The ‘T’ dog – The Famous Coster Comedian –The Donah dispute – 
                        Big earnings – A galloping success – The cabbies strike.

Chapter Nine  Elen vs. Chevalier – Pearly Kings and Queens – Marie Lloyd and Gus – Innuendo – Mimics – Gus in South Africa. (or not?)

Chapter Ten  Music hall syndicates – Quick changes – The Pro’s brougham – Nostalgic engagements – Oswald Stoll: A strict employer – 
                      Charity matinées.

Chapter Eleven  Song themes – Charles Godfrey wins a bet – Gus meets Harry Lauder – Prudes on the prowl – Town and country – 
                          Edgar Bateman.

Chapter Twelve  Pantomime and Variety at Christmas – Copyright and song sheets – Moving up market – Gus the gardener – 
                           Cycling and the lap scoring machine – Shame about Jim!

Chapter Thirteen  The prolific George Le Brunn – More of Charles Godfrey – A split with the London Syndicate – Celebrity Culture –
Letters from near and far – Talking machines – Offers of engagements in USA and Australia – Harry Rickards –
Marie Lloyd’s Sunday parties – Moving pictures.

Chapter Fourteen  Bizarre entertainment – Dan and Lydia Leno – Death of Gus’s mother – A family rift – A shooting companion – 
                              Moneybags and Misery – A price of fame.

Chapter Fifteen  Balham and a new home – A song can have a long life – Gus first records his songs – The Coon and the Cake Walk –
The Boer and The Bore.

Chapter Sixteen  The Costermongers’ Sports Day – Syd May, Emily and Ethardo – Harry Lauder first appears in London – 
                            Gus and Dan Leno as  ‘extras’ – Mafeking Night – The billiard player and the pear tree – The upper ten – 
                            Music hall fires and accidents –  Nephews, the workhouse and the training ship.

Chapter Seventeen  Illness and recuperation – Tall stories – Touring reduced – Harry Champion and Belle Elmore – The coronation of Edward VII –                                         The Alhambra, Blackpool – Cars.

Chapter Eighteen  Cockney weddings – Hilda Elen – Shooting plays second fiddle to fishing and motoring – The rise and fall of Dan Leno – 
                              Treasure hunting – The London Coliseum.

Chapter Nineteen  Moderately drunk – Winning and losing in court – Fishing ideas – The influence of George Foster – A fire at home –
Gus and Edith’s Christmas gifts for children – A new song with new presentation methods – Marie Lloyd weds Alec Hurley.

Chapter Twenty  The music hall strike – Gus becomes a manager.

Chapter Twenty-One  The American tour.

Chapter Twenty-Two  Gus and Harry Lauder – Stories of penny pinching – Edgar Bateman, Gus Elen and a tortoise – The Crystal Palace – 
                                    Dr Crippen.

Chapter Twenty-Three  The coronation of George V and Eel Pie Island – The landlord and his perks – 
                                       The Great Lafayette and the National Anthem – Barking and Wapping – The Royal Command Performance 1912 –
George Chirgwin and the Pilchard Inn – Sam Redfern’s investments – A juggler’s offer – A factual fishing story – 

                                       Marie Lloyd and Bernard Dillon – Gus’s decision to retire.

Chapter Twenty-Four  In and out of retirement – Sea fishing – A successful comeback, 1931 – Back to the recording studio – 
                                    Back to the film studio – Gus on the radio – The Royal Variety Performance, 1935 – The final curtain.


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