The Biography of Gus Elen
And the Forgotten Songs CD

The Forgotten Songs CD

During my research for the biography, I collected numerous items of sheet music for songs that Gus Elen failed to record, or for which recordings are virtually impossible to find, and I was keen for some of these to be brought back to life after more than a century. The selected numbers were orchestrated, and performed in a show entitled Rediscovering Music Hall.

The Forgotten Songs CD was recorded at the show, and is only available from the author. Hear Gus Elen’s first published song, (Track 1) produced before he began portraying Cockneys. Listen to his censure of  Albert Chevalier’s style in Track 3. Sympathise as one of Gus’s rare sentimental ballads is revived(Track 6), and enjoy many more forgotten gems.

The CD is priced at £8.95, including UK mainland delivery. Just click the ‘Buy Now’ button at the bottom of the page.


1. It Was Gone

2. Down The Dials

3. It Sounds So Wery Pretty

4. You Could See As ‘Ow ‘E Didn’t Feel ‘At ‘Ome

5. The Finest Flow O’ Langwidge Ever ‘Eard

6. The Faifless Donah

7. There Ain’t No Gettin’ Rid Of ‘Im At All

8. ‘E’s A Reg’lar Barney Tomato

9. ‘E ‘As The As-er-dacity To Grumble

10. Allays In Jail

11. I’m Very Unkind To My Wife

12. Catch ‘Em Alive Oh!

13. ‘Oo Could Be ‘Appier Than Me?

14. The Coster’s Mansion

15. Wot A Gardin!